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The New Hope Solebury Community Association presents the Rob Eichem Memorial Baseball Tournament, June 24-26 at the New Hope-Solebury High School, 182 West Bridge St., New Hope, Pennsylvania.

A 13U/14U tournament on 60/90 fields, maximum 8 teams (two 4-team divisions), 3 game minimum, round-robin format. T-shirts for all players and a Team Plaque for winner.

Division winners will play for championship.

Team Registration

Early Bird Registration Fee: $650 (SAVE $100)
After May 1:
$750 | Registration Deadline: June 1, 2022

Download Registration Form

For more information, call 215-680-7420 or send an email to:

Team Insurance:

Each tournament team will be required to carry and to provide proof of insurance prior to the start of team play. The team’s insurance certificate must carry liability amounts no less than:

$2,000,000 General Aggregate
$1,000,000 Each Occurrence

The team’s insurance certificate must list the New Hope-Solebury Community Association as the certificate holder and additionally insured.

Email proof of insurance to: David Hansel at:, or mail proof of insurance to:
Rob Eichem Memorial Baseball Tournament
c/o New Hope-Solebury Community Association
P. O. Box 62
New Hope, PA 18938

For spectators:

Game schedule to be announced. A drink and snack concession will be open during all games. For more information, call (267) 833-8800

Tournament rules

Unless specified, playing rules for this tournament will be in accordance with the NFHS rules that PIAA schools use for their games.

Since many players may not be familiar with all of the NFHS rules, this tournament will incorporate these rule exceptions for the June 24-26th games.

Download a PDF of Tournament Rules here.

1. Team Composition
Teams can be comprised of pure 13U players, pure 14U players, or any combination of 13U and 14U players

2. Unlimited batters
A team may list 9 or more batters in the team’s batting order. The team must declare the number of batters prior to the game. Once a game starts, a team may add additional players to the end of the batting order. However, a team may not remove batters unless the player sustains an injury.

3. Defensive Substitutions
Unlimited defensive substitutions

4. Balks
Each pitcher will receive one balk warning along with an explanation of the infraction.

5. Pitch Count
All PIAA pitch count rules will be suspended for the entirety of the tournament; with just one exception. A pitcher will be limited to 75 pitches/day. If the pitch count limit is reached during an at-bat, the pitcher will be allowed to complete the at-bat before being removed as a pitcher.

6. Intentional Walks
A team may intentionally walk a batter by notifying the home plate umpire. Only the pitches thrown prior to notifying the plate umpire of the intentional walk will count towards the pitcher’s pitch count limit.

7. Hit Batters
A pitcher that hits 3 batters in any one inning will not be able to pitch for the remainder of the game.

8. Time Limit
There will be a 2 hour time limit for each contest. No new inning can start after the 90 minute mark.


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